Plädoyer für Gesellschaftstheorie

Eine Replik auf Christoph Scherrer

  • Christoph Görg
Schlagworte: Gesellschaftstheorie, Krise, Regulationstheorie, Vergesellschaftung


The well-known state and action theory deficits of the regulation theory have their cause in the problems of linking Marx' theory to economic institutionalism. The core of the problem is an adequate understancling of capitalist development, which neither suppresses that it is embedded in social and cultural conditions or that it is becoming indepedent from them. The theoretical preconditions for such an understanding are discussecl and summarized in the conception of society as a nexus of mediation in the tradition of Critical Theory.


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Görg, C. (1995). Plädoyer für Gesellschaftstheorie. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 25(101), 625-643.
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