Globalisierung und Nationalstaat

Imperialismus und Staat bei Nicos Poulantzas – 20 Jahre später

  • Bob Jessop
Schlagworte: Globalisierung, Nationalstaat, Imperialismus, Staat, Poulantzas, Internationalisierung


Poulantzas’s main contributions to the analysis of state and capitalist economy on a world scale are critically reviewed, distinguishing between his general theoretical approach and its particular application to Europe in a specific phase of imperialism. Furthermore an account of current changes in the national state is presented from a modified Poulantzasian stance. The paper concludes with some more general comments on the relevance of Poulantzas‘s work and some remarks to possible changes in the European Union considered in state-theoretical terms.


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Jessop, B. (1999). Globalisierung und Nationalstaat. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 29(116), 469-495.
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