Peripherer Staat oder ‘failed states’?

Zur Analyse von Staatlichkeit in abhängigen Formationen am Beispiel Mexiko

  • Miriam Heigl
Schlagworte: Staat, Peripherie, Mexiko, failed states, Hegemonie


How can structural aspects as well as agency be taken into consideration when analyzing states in dependent societies? The application of important critical approaches such as dependency theory and the state derivation debate as well as the mainstream discussion on failed states remains unsatisfactory. Therefore, an alternative critical approach is proposed which draws from regulation theory, gramscian ideas and the materialist state theory developed by Poulantzas. The value of such an approach is illustrated with regard to the Mexican transition towards neoliberalism and the transformation of the Mexican developmental state towards a competition state.


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Heigl, M. (2007). Peripherer Staat oder ‘failed states’?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 37(147), 273-288.
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