Gegenstrategien als (neue) Systemressource des Kapitalismus?

Zur Problematisierung einer populären Zeitdiagnose

  • Silke van Dyk
Schlagworte: Zeitdiagnose, Gegenstrategie, Kapitalismus


Criticism, resistence and subversion are discussed to have developed from counter strategies to resources of capitalism recently. This diagnosis is highly popular, finding its theoretical and conceptional roots in Foucauldian Governmentality Studies, in labour-market related approaches to subjectivation in post-fordism as well as in Boltanski/Chiapello “The new spirit of capitalism”. This article shows problematic aspects of this diagnosis, without denying its inspiring facets. It is based on the assumption that the over-hasty and over-generalized abandonment of the subversive potentials of counter strategies prevents the development of a well-founded and context-related theory of resistance. As a conclusion central steps towards a sociology of resistence are delineated.


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van Dyk, S. (2009). Gegenstrategien als (neue) Systemressource des Kapitalismus?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 39(157), 663-680.
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