Krise ohne Krisenbewusstsein?

Zur subjektiven Dimension kapitalistischer Landnahmen

  • Klaus Dörre
  • Michael Behr
  • Dennis Eversberg
  • Karen Schierhorn
Schlagworte: Krise, Landnahme, Subjektivierung


The crisis does not seem to have reached the consciousness of subjects. However, the alleged immunity of subjectivities against it does not result from affirmative internalisation of ‘entrepreneurial’ interpellations, but from the mobilisation of ‘wayward’, non-market compliant practices and dispositions. Rather than as a linear, subsuming process of “subjectivation”, this is to be interpreted as the subjective dimension of capitalist accumulation by dispossession. As our empirical data illustrates, the crisis is indeed present as a permanent state in the daily lives of many people. While there is a widespread critical consciousness of the crisis and of capitalism in general, it fails to result in collective action due to the lack of a political frame of reference that action could relate to.


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Dörre, K., Behr, M., Eversberg, D., & Schierhorn, K. (2009). Krise ohne Krisenbewusstsein?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 39(157), 559-576.
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