Provincialising Multiculturalism

Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf Multikulturalismus, Diversität und Emanzipation

  • Petra Neuhold
  • Paul Scheibelhofer
Schlagworte: Postkolonialismus, Multikulturalismus, Diversität, Emanzipation, Kolonialismus


This article builds on a postcolonial critique of contemporary discourses and politics of diversity management in Germany. It traces the colonial legacy of this form of governing migration and analyses it as a new articulation of racism. Upon critically discussing liberal theories of multiculturalism as well as concrete discourses and policies in Germany the article ends with claims to alternative academic as well as political practices that build on a postcolonial critique.


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Neuhold, P., & Scheibelhofer, P. (2010). Provincialising Multiculturalism. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 40(158), 85-100.