Argentiniens besetzte Betriebe

Über das emanzipatorische Potenzial und die Dilemmas der Selbstverwaltung

  • Aaron Tauss
Schlagworte: Argentinien, Emanzipation, Selbstverwaltung, Demokratie


The article examines the socio-economic and political-ideological context that provoked the renaissance of workplace recuperations in Argentina during the 1990s and in the immediate aftermath of the country’s economic crisis in 2001-2002. In addition, it will discuss the emancipatory potential and the main obstacles and limitations of workers’ control. While most initiatives quickly disappeared during Argentina’s economic recovery in the years following the crisis, occupied and recuperated enterprises successfully emerged as the strongest and most organized form of popular protest. The workers’ longstanding struggle for the recuperation of the means of production, in part, radically altered existing forms of representation and participation in the workplace.


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Tauss, A. (2012). Argentiniens besetzte Betriebe. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 42(168), 501 -.
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