Der Lohn ist die Arbeit

Die In-Wert Setzung weiblichen Arbeitsvermögens als emanzipatorisches Dilemma

  • Audrey Podann
Schlagworte: Frauenpolitik, Emanzipation, Inwertsetzung, Arbeit


The article points out that the politics of gender equality in Germany have lost the perspective of a feminist critique within the last decades. The topic of care and reproductive work has been completely neglected, the debate is focused only on the employability of women and their integration in the national workforce. The working concept that underlies this development reproduces the separation of paid labor and reproductive work and refers women to the capitalist jobmarket, promising to find equality and liberation there. The article refers to Angela McRobbie and Nancy Fraser, it questions the narrow-minded labor-market-orientation of today’s women’s policy and calls for a renewal of a feminist critique of the concept of wage labor.


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Podann, A. (2013). Der Lohn ist die Arbeit. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 43(173), 563 -.
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