Sozialstrukturelle Umbruchsdynamiken

Anpassungen und dynamische Differenzierungen in Ostdeutschland

  • Peter A. Berge
Schlagworte: Ostdeutschland, Deutschland, Arbeit, Transformation, Sozialpolitik


The transformation of the forrner GDR into apart of the FGR leads to extremely high rates of occupational and labour market mobility. Some of these processes are described on the basis of the Socio-Economic Panel and interpreted as a sort of 'double acceleration'. The transition not only means adaption to Western patterns, but also new differenliations in East Germany, esp. in terms of an increasing seggregation of labour market structures between men and women, as well as downward mobility and 'breaks' in biographies. On the other hand 'winners' of the firt phase may turn into 'loosers' in the long run and vice versa.


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Berge, P. A. (1993). Sozialstrukturelle Umbruchsdynamiken. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 23(91), 205-230.
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