Auf dem Weg zur finalen Krise des Kapitalismus?

Weltsystemtheoretische Beiträge zur neuen Debatte um Imperialismus

  • Miriam Heigl
Schlagworte: Imperialismus, Weltsystem, Krise, USA, Hegemonie


Once again, imperialism is the subject of critical debate. Amongst the contributions to this debate, we find approaches as different as Empire (Hardt/Negri), informal imperialism (Panitch/Gindin) or works from a worldsystem perspective (Arrighi, Chase-Dunn and Wallerstein). The article intends to explore impulses offered by the world-system approach to the current debate on imperialism and deliver a critical assessment of new works in the field of world-system theory. It is argued that major problems of the new works of world-system theory consist in insufficient foundations of their basic theoretical assumptions (economic and hegemonic cycles) and often in a fixation on the approaching final crisis of capitalism.


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Heigl, M. (2005). Auf dem Weg zur finalen Krise des Kapitalismus?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 35(139), 267-285.
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