Revolte in den Banlieues

Anmerkungen aus deutscher Sicht

  • Martin Kronauer
Schlagworte: Frankreich, Paris, Stadtpolitik, Protest, Ungleichheit


The article critically confronts the response of German media to the revolte in the French banlieues of November 2005. It outlines differences between the living conditions and legal status of youths with migration backgrounds in France and Germany, stresses the chance that the struggle of the youngsters for respect offered to the French society and how this chance was destroyed by the repressive actions of the government. It finally argues that Germany might even miss such a chance and in its own way risks to alienate and exclude people with migration background.


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Kronauer, M. (2007). Revolte in den Banlieues. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 37(149), 597-602.