Prima Klima mit dem Markt?

Der Handel mit dem Recht, die Luft zu verschmutzen

  • Achim Brunnengräber
Schlagworte: Klimapolitik, Klimawandel, Krise, Emissionshandel, Inwertsetzung, Natur


Climate change is a profound crisis of society and of the capitalist mode of production. Nevertheless, hegemonic forms of the regulation of the crisis emerge which correspond to neoliberal political concepts. Primarily economic and 'flexible' instruments, such as Emission Trading (ET), the Clean Development Mechanism (COM) and Joint Implementation ar) are to counteract the trend. In climate policy these mechanisms are the result of diplomatic negotiations, technicalcontrol optimism and a political-economic strategy which follows a 'win-win' logic. The mechanisms are constructed in a 'flexible' form, so that within the framework of a skilful C02 bookkeeping balance-sheet the reductions appear to take place, when in absolute terms no reduction at all has in fact occurred.


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Brunnengräber, A. (2009). Prima Klima mit dem Markt?. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 39(156), 407-424.
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