Immer Ärger mit der Natur

"Ökologie als neues Opium für's Volk"

  • Erik Swyngedouw
Schlagworte: Ökologie, Natur, Demokratie, Politisierung


In The notion of "nature" constitutes an empty signifier, which is colonized and filled with meaning by scientists, experts and policy-makers, and through a variety of techno-administrative procedures. This is a gesture par excellence of de-politicization, of placing "nature" outside the field of public dispute, contestation, and disagreement. In order to find a democratic and socially inclusive response to the current "environmental crisis", we need to abandon the concept of "nature". Instead, we need to re-conceputalize "nature" as a socio-environmental process, and reclaim democratic public spaces, which allow us to discuss the conditions for more egalitarian socio-ecological arrangements.


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Swyngedouw, E. (2009). Immer Ärger mit der Natur. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 39(156), 371-389.
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