Arbeitsrecht unter Druck

  • Sonja Mangold
Schlagworte: Arbeitsrecht, Deutschland, Flexibilisierung, Europa


The article throws a critical glance at recent tendencies of development in labour law. In Germany, the Bertelsmann Foundation, part of the Bertelsmann publishing group, initiated a draft bill for a labour contract act. Under the pretext of simplifying the application of law, the proposal undermines legal standards. At the European level a number of judgements of the European Court of Justice show a new quality of neoliberal jurisdiction. The Court classified in some cases industrial action against wage dumping and national collective labour law from EU states as illegal and contradictory to the European Common Market. The current events challenge not at least European trade unions to develop counter- strategies and new concepts of collective cross- border action.


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Mangold, S. (2010). Arbeitsrecht unter Druck. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 40(160), 437-453.
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