Imperiales Öl und vergessene Verbrechen

Grenzgebiete der Enteignung im Niger-Delta

  • Michael Watts
  • Henrik Lebhuhn
  • Dorothea Schmidt
Schlagworte: Erdöl, Imperialismus, Afrika, Nigeria


Nigeria is a petro-state with a vast shadow economy and shadow political apparatuses, in which the lines between public and private, state and market, government and organized crime are blurred and porous. Since the oil industry in the Niger delta became commercially viable in 1958, virtually every inch of the region has been touched by international oil corporations. As a result, a multiplicity of overlapping conflicts have evolved: From the new states and local government areas bankrolled by the oil revenue process, to reconfigured spaces of chieftainship and ethnicity in which a panoply of political movements struggle for the control over territory, to the violent spaces of the creeks controlled by insurgents and federal military forces.


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Watts, M., Lebhuhn, H., & Schmidt, D. (2013). Imperiales Öl und vergessene Verbrechen. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 43(170), 71 -.
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