Gute deutsche Politik


  • Michael Heinrich



Deutschland, Griechenland, TTIP, EU


The German government and especially Wolfgang Schaeuble were heavily criticized for the harsh policy against Greece not only because of damaging Greece but also because of damaging German reputation. The article argues that they just follow German interests: Germany is economically and politically the big winner of the crisis. The German export economy is fueled by the weak Euro and the German state saves since 2010 more than 100 Billion by extremely low interest rates for German bonds. The Eurozone is formed according to the German austerity model and will be used by German capital and export-oriented factions of the European capital as a strong basis in global competition. The conflict with Greece shows that any economically weak member of the Euro-zone has no chance against the coalition between Germany and the ECB, they have to submit. Who wants to enter Euro-zone should have this in mind.


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Heinrich, M. (2015). Gute deutsche Politik. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 45(180), 483 – 489.