Kräfteverhältnisse in der Eurokrise

Konfliktdynamiken im bundesdeutschen ‘Block an der Macht’


  • Fabian Georgi
  • John Kannankulam



Krise, Deutschland, Kräfteverhältnisse, Eurokrise


John Kannankulam and Fabian Georgi show, that the dominant authoritarian neoliberal fraction of the german Federal Government made a change of course in summer 2012. It quits with some ordoliberal principles and stops resistance against the mutualization of debt and expansive monetary policy. The alliance of a national-conservative and an ordoliberal fraction broke up. The contradiction within the (neo-)liberals and conservatives result in a foundation of a new right-wing party, the AfD, Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany). Anyway new conflicts arise and the Great Coalition of Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democrats hold on its hard-line (against greece): austerity. John Kannankulam and Fabian Georgi reconstruct the dynamics on the basis of four phases in which the authoritarian-neoliberal fraction prevail.


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Georgi, F., & Kannankulam, J. (2015). Kräfteverhältnisse in der Eurokrise: Konfliktdynamiken im bundesdeutschen ‘Block an der Macht’. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 45(180), 349 -.