Irans Außenpolitik zwischen Religion und Macht

  • Katharina Götsch
Schlagworte: Religion, Iran, Schiismus, Atomabkommen, Islamische Revolution


Protector of Shiites, export of Islamist revolution, fight against Israel and support of Palestine – the religious element plays an obvious role in Iran’s foreign relations. At the same time, several foreign policy actions and positions of Iran indicate the prioritization of material national interests (of geopolitical and economic nature): a recent example is the nuclear deal from July 2015. The article will first discuss theoretical approaches in the social sciences for the analysis of religion in international relations; subsequently, the ideological foundation and constitutional principles of the Islamist Republic of Iran are set out as the basis for empirical case analyses in the final section.


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Götsch, K. (2016). Irans Außenpolitik zwischen Religion und Macht. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 46(182), 95-111.
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