Transformation in Russland

Die Illusion einer Marktwirtschaft als Ergebnis informeller Regulation

  • Lydia Heller
  • Sabine Nuss
Schlagworte: Transformation, Russland, Regulierung, Marktwirtschaft, Informalität


Recent analyses on Russia's transformation are more and more tending to become „gangster-stories“. Contrary to approaches based on dividing economies into „informal“, „criminal“ etc. „sectors“ this essay tries to analyze the transformation process in Russia with regard to the special conditions given there for the genesis of a market-economy. It shows that the implementation of elements of marketeconomies, first of all private property, always went together with new qualities and quantities of „informal behavior“. As a result we identify no break - first planned than market-economy - but a continuous „informal regulation“ which brings out only the illusion of a marketsociety.


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Heller, L., & Nuss, S. (1999). Transformation in Russland. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 29(117), 555-577.