Soziale Proteste in Israel: die Eroberung neuer sozialer Räume

  • Efrat Eizenberg
Schlagworte: Israel, Protest, Protestbewegung, Platzbesetzung


This assay recaps the social struggle in Israel that begun in the summer of 2011. It offers some
comparison between praxis and discourse of protest in Israel and some of the other social
struggles of 2011. Mainly, this assay captures some of the main coordinates of the social struggle
that are unique to the Israeli politico-economic context, namely the effort to constitute a
social sphere that is based on economic justice while suppressing the dominant political divide
over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For this end I will review those methods of building new
common grounds, claims that the protest in Israel was able to disseminate, and its achievements
so far.


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Eizenberg, E. (2012). Soziale Proteste in Israel: die Eroberung neuer sozialer Räume. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 42(166), 163 - 172.
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