Normale und nicht-normale Diskurse

Zur Lage der Universität

  • Christina Thürmer-Rohr
Schlagworte: Universität, Hochschulpolitik, Wissenschaft, Krise


The state's financial stringency manifests a crisis which was less evident up until 1989, in the times of a richer state and the system competition with the Eastern block: the substantial crisis of the universities themselves. lt tears away facades which disclosed the uninspiredness and indecision of many of its members. Their »normal discourse« corresponds to a monological thinking, a technological concept of education, which is an expression of patriarchal logic. Feminist criticism of domination fundamentally questions this logic. lf the social sciences would choose to make human rights issues their basic orientation, the society would perhaps develop its own demand for the social science's expertise and commitment.


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Thürmer-Rohr, C. (1996). Normale und nicht-normale Diskurse. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 26(104), 415-430.
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