Autoritärer Populismus als neoliberale Krisenbewältigungsstrategie

  • Alex Demirovic
Schlagworte: Neoliberalismus, Alex Demirovic, Rechtspopulismus, autoritärer Populismus


In his contribution, Alex Demirović uses the term authoritarian populism coined by Stuart Hall and understands it as a particular form of neoliberal crisis management. Similar to the Thatcherism that Hall had in mind, authoritarian populism in the current period is a policy pursued by parts of the power block. It does not contradict neoliberalism, but continues it by other means. As in the preceding phases of neoliberal politics, it is no longer a matter of hegemony, but of seeking to avoid concessions to the dominated classes.


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Demirovic, A. (2018). Autoritärer Populismus als neoliberale Krisenbewältigungsstrategie. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 48(190), 27 - 42.